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Necktie Killer – Last Show @ McMenamins

Posted October 30, 2014 by BendPM in
by BendPM
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Bend ska heroes Necktie Killer toot their own horns at a FREE all ages show at McMenamins Old St. Francis School on Thursday, October 30th at 7PM. Unfortunately this will be the bands LAST SHOW for the foreseeable future. Better get down there and see them while you still can.
Necktie Killer is a group that prides itself on musical versatility. Combining funk, hip hop and even some metal elements with the ska, punk, dub and rock that the genre was known for during the third wave. This band will punch you in the face and kiss you all in the same night. These guys recently released their debut album “Heavy and Horny” which will be available at the show. The best thing about Necktie Killer is that all members are accomplished and potent musicians in their own right, and all are involved to some degree in the song writing process. This is a big reason for the stylistic diversity in the music, and it really shines on the new album. I must admit the CD has been in the player in my truck for a while now, it still rocks often and is better than most of the stuff coming though the XM Radio which is usually my go-to.
Necktie Killer is a firm advocate of skankin, partyin, bravado, and tellin the man to get fucked. The Rude Boy is comin, and he is rockin a tie. Do not miss this BendPM favorite in all their glory!

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